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Wool: Super 100’s vs Micron


Wool: Super 100's vs Micron

When looking for a suit, one of the first things to select is the fabric. The most traditional and common is wool. Well that was easy… but what does all this Super 100’s and Micron stuff mean? If you don’t know, you’re not alone. Understanding fabrics is the first step in becoming a true connoisseur of men’s bespoke suits.

Now we have a better idea about what Supers and Microns are, but how does that translate to what you want for your suit? Here are a few things to consider while you shop:

  • How frequently are you wearing the suit?
  • What’s the climate like where you’ll be wearing it?
  • How much do you want to spend?

Frequency: If you are looking for a suit to wear regularly, then Super 100’s to 120’s will be a better choice. The material will hold its form, and is more resilient than finer wools. If you’re looking for a suit for a special occasion or infrequent use, then Super 130’s and higher will keep you looking sharp.

Climate: If you work in a really warm building or live in a warmer region, a finer wool will keep you cooler. Super 100’s or 110’s might be good for you if you’re in a cooler region or your job blasts the air conditioning. The same goes for your personal temperature: if you run warm, then a high grade suit will keep you cooler. Similarly, a thicker fiber suit will keep you warm if you run cooler.

Price: Thinner, finer wool is rare because so few sheep produce a very fine micron count. So, due to laws of supply and demand, finer wool costs more. Base the amount you spend on the fabric quality, not the label. Look at the stitching – is the suit canvased or fused? How easily does the fabric wrinkle when you grab a handful and let go?

A summary of the differences between Super 100’s and Super 150’s:

Super 100's Super 150's
More Resilient Softer Hand
Warmer Cooler
Stronger Smoother/Luxurious
More Wrinke-resistant Lighter
For Regular Wear For Occasional Wear
Holds Form Lays on Skin

Hopefully this has demystified the grades of wool used for suits and sport coats. If you have any further questions, drop a line in the comments below.

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