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Vaping: The New Urban Fashion Statement


Vaping: The New Urban Fashion Statement

With all of the emerging vape mods out there, it isn't a surprise that urban fashion and vaping are starting to come together.

Need some evidence? Look back at September of 2015 during New York Fashion week: the fabulous Richard Chai actually gave away Pax vapes during the 2016 men's spring collection show. Not too long after, Opening Ceremony (a well-known and incredibly chic boutique in the city,) decided to work with Pax as well... on a vape to be co-branded. Shortly after that, the Bunsuk Choi show took it to the next level, with the runway models actually holding vapes as they strutted their stuff! It was clear last fall that a vape was no longer just a functional item, but a legit high fashion item.

Just think of all the different styles of vapes you've seen out there. Of course urban fashionistas are using vapes to express and accent their style. Love it or hate it, vapes are no longer just a novelty item; they are status symbols now, just like a pair of Jordans. The right vape can take an outfit to the next level, just like those kicks.

Now that the fashion industry has taken notice, so have the designers of popular vape mods. Gone are the days of fashionable hipsters puffing on posh stogies - the new age of vapes has arrived! Just like with beatniks and their cigarettes, today's hipster has an urban look that matches their vaping lifestyle. Tapered leg jeans, hoodies, snap-back hats? Bold plaid blazers, knit ties, cuff links? Done right, either ensemble goes perfectly along with a massive cloud.

As the 2020's inch closer, we'll very likely continue to see people putting down the stogie and picking up the vape. For health reasons? Nahhh. Embracing the new urban fashion.

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