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Tom Brady: Dressing Like a Champion


Tom Brady: Dressing Like a Champion

In a sports world where athletes are increasingly defined as much by their off-the-field performances as by their on-field abilities, standing out in both arenas has become an elaborate balancing act between style and skill.  Shoulder pads and helmets will likely never be considered chic, but dressing like a champion demands more than just looking good in a uniform. 


Enter Tom Brady.  Hot off the heels of a 4th Superbowl victory and 3rd MVP, the 37 year old New England patriot continues to shine, but despite the storied successes of the future NFL hall of fame quarterback in his 15 year career on the field, Tom Brady is equally renowned for his immaculate sense of style.


Named one of People Magazine's most beautiful people in 2002, Tom Brady today is poster child for the updated American-style suit.  Originating in 19th century America and popularized by noted tailors like the Brooks brothers and J. Press, it is characterized by its straight lines, natural shoulders, and looser fit than its European counterparts.  Suits of this cut afford greater comfort and mobility for the generally broader bodies of American athletes.  A partnership with world-class designer, Tom Ford, UGG (yes that UGG), and marriage to Brazilian supermodel, Gisele Bündchen, in 2009 have only afforded the talented Mr. Brady more visibility and stylistically versatility. 


What makes Brady so fashionable can be summed up in one word: fearlessness.  Whether wearing the iconic navy and silver jersey, a one-button, shawl-lapel baby blue jacket, a more traditional grey pinstripe, or the truly mystifying soft leather boots, Tom Brady wins, and he looks good doing it.

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