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Shoe Hacks


Shoe Hacks for Longer Lasting Footwear

Investing in quality is the best way to make shoes last. If you love shoes, though, no one has to remind you to spend on them, or to buy quality. What you need are tips on what else to do to make sure the great shoes that you love--whether casual, dress, designer, or sports--last as long as they possibly can.

Give Them a Break

If you wear a pair of shoes all day, go to bed, and then thrust your feet into them the first thing the following morning, you're unlikely to see them last long. And it's not just due to use--perspiration is the problem. While your shoes may not seem damp at the end of the day, they are. Skin always gives off moisture. When your feet are enclosed, the perspiration has nowhere to go but into the fibers of the material that make up your socks and shoes. The longer your shoes stay damp, the more quickly the material loses shape and wears out. It's important to keep at least three pairs of shoes, so you can allow each pair to air out a couple of days after you wear it.

Give Them a Break

Keep Them Clean

Wiping leather shoes at the end of each day can help keep them clean of dirt. Washing sneakers can help, as well (no washing machines or dryers, though). This doesn't have to be an intensive process, either: just use a clean, damp cloth to wipe any visible dirt from leather; or use a dry cloth or brush to sweep it from suede or canvas. Clean shoes live longer.

Keep Them Clean

Invest in Sole Protectors

The sole is the part of the shoe that sees the most wear and tear, and often will begin to show signs of wear before the uppers do. Many vendors sell removable protectors that you can stick onto the soles of your shoes. The plastic protects the soles from wear when used a couple of days at a time. Not only will you have scuff-free soles, but you'll also see them last indefinitely.

Sole Protectors

Use a Protection Spray

From leather to suede, natural materials tend to be vulnerable to exposure to water. It's easy to protect such shoes, though. All you need is a water protection spray. Practically every shoe store sells some brand. For a couple of dollars, you can make delicate material water resistant.

Protection Spray

Dust Damages Shoes

If you have party shoes that you only wear on occasion, it's important to keep them properly packed in a dust-free container or bag (once they've been aired out). Allowing dust to settle on your shoes over extended periods of time gives the dust a chance to embed itself in the leather.

Dust Damages

Use Leather Care Products

From leather conditioner and mink oil to shoe polish and saddle soap, there are plenty of products available to help you keep your shoes' leather soft and supple. As long as you use products recommended by the manufacturer, regular use is a cheap and effective way to make the material last.

Leather Care

Finally, whether your shoes slip on easily or take some effort, it's a good idea to use a shoehorn. Putting your shoes on the right way can help protect the leather and the stitches. Your shoes will see a lot more use this way.

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