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James Bond: The Man. The Legend. The Suit.


James Bond: The Man. The Legend. The Suit.

Since the early 1960’s, no one has been an icon like one man has. That man is: Bond. James Bond. 007 has been the undisputed perfect spy throughout film history, while also crossing into the fashion world as an example of class and vogue. Simply put, Bond is a man’s man with impeccable style, whose suit demands a second look—whether it is in action saving the world from Goldfinger, or is being worn to that special occasion with less than the fate of the world on the line!


The savvy British Special Agent became quite the American icon on the silver screen because of his relatability to the American cultural climate. During the 1960’s the mere mention of a spy movie made our hearts throb, as espionage was running rampant during the Cold War. Bond himself was found at odds with the Soviets in From Russia with Love. As you fast forward to the 90’s, Bond became more reliant on his gadgets just as the technological boom of the 1990’s was enveloping everyday American life. In the present day, James Bond is transitioning as America is. The rumors that circulate amongst Bond fans would indicate that Idris Elba is the heir apparent to Daniel Craig as the next 007. And why not? A little less than 8 years ago, many Americans did not believe that we would see an African American President. Some say that the Bond Franchise is not ready for an African American portrayal of James Bond, but as America tries to evolve in to a more tolerant and diverse nation, so will the Bond Franchise. James Bond constantly crosses into new territories just as America has, and continues to do. Pushing boundaries while being the savviest characters in movie history has become a James Bond hallmark.

Not only has Bond’s connectivity to American culture made him an icon, but his fashion sense has made him a shining star. Prior to the filming of GoldenEye, Lindy Hemming, a well-known costume designer, wanted a company who could tap into the Savile Row roots of the earlier installations of the James Bond Franchise. Savile Row is a street in central London that is known as the “Golden Mile of Tailoring”. The tailors of Savile Row specialize in what is known as bespoke tailoring. In short, bespoke tailoring involves the tailor taking special requests synonymous with the preferences of the customer. Let’s face it; James Bond deserves extra attention given to the tailoring of any suit he will be wearing. Hemming wanted a company that was unquestionably luxurious as well as expensive. The perfect company for the job was Brioni.

Any man wearing a suit, particularly a man as sophisticated as James Bond, wants to be presented in the best possible way. Hemming appreciated Brioni’s open-minded approach to creating the best possible suit they could for the world’s greatest spy. Brioni easily could represent Bond’s status, suave personality, and his unquestionable individuality with their own prestigious design. Brioni suits are handmade, and the elegance definitely shows in Casino Royale. The Brioni tuxedo that Bond dons in the film aims to emphasize the “V” shape of the ideal male body. The traditions of evening wear are highlighted perfectly! Heard enough? Get your own.The tuxedo has broad shoulders that give Bond a masculine look while creating that ideal “V” shape by cutting the jacket to have a narrow waist accented by a one-button front. The slim cut is modern, but the genius of including classic evening wear features creates a suit that sets Bond apart from everyone in the room as he should. Instead of including their own signature lining Brioni created a custom “James Bond 007” watermarked silk lining. The silver lining compliments the sleek black outside of the jacket. Finally, Brioni even included a discreet inner pistol pockets as the cherry on top to an already impressive tuxedo jacket. Clearly, James Bond was the best dressed protagonist in modern cinema history.

James Bond has always been sharp. Whether you are talking about Bond as a spy, his quick wit with the ladies, or his fashion sense, he is undeniably top-shelf. 007 is an icon in film, and because of Brioni, Bond has become legendary in the fashion world. The suave spy was expertly suited through GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World is Not Enough, and Die Another Day, but Brioni’s crowning achievement is undoubtedly the tux worn during the tense poker scenes of Casino Royale. Lindy Hemming was wise to go with a lavish company like Brioni to design a tuxedo worthy to be worn by film history’s greatest spy.

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