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Flatter Up: Outfit Choices to Look Your Best


Flatter Up: Outfit Choices to Look Your Best

The right clothes can accentuate your best features, project confidence, and show off your unique sense of style. However, the opposite is also true: clothes that don't fit, or don't flatter your body type, can negatively impact self-confidence and how other people view you. Below are some of the best tips for choosing clothes that are guaranteed to flatter you in any situation.

Embrace the Tailored Look

Tailored Look

Buying clothes that fit properly is absolutely essential. Unfortunately, most people are not likely to find clothes that fit perfectly off the rack. The key is to have your wardrobe tailored by a professional. Simple, inexpensive alterations such as hemming shirts or taking in a waistline can dramatically improve the way your clothes look on you.

Accentuate Your Best Features

Accentuate Your Best Features

The structure, cut, and patterns of clothing can all work to highlight your body's best features while downplaying any areas that you might be self-conscious about. Look for clothes that are cut slimmer in areas that you want to emphasize, and have a bit of room or draping in places that you don't want to draw attention to. A pop of color or an eye-catching accessory can also help guide the eye to your most flattering features.

Choose Quality Clothing

Quality Clothing

While it's perfectly fine to buy inexpensive clothing that catches your eye, it is worthwhile to invest in high-quality clothing for staple wardrobe pieces that you will wear often. Inexpensive clothing usually means that shortcuts were taken during production. This can translate into colors that wash out more quickly, seams that are more prone to tearing, and clothing structure that falls apart after a few wears. High quality clothing is more expensive, but it will last much longer and look much better on your body.

Pick Clothes to Suit Your Body

Suit Your Body

Everyone's body is unique, and it is important to choose clothing that suits yours. If you are larger than average: use thinner fabrics, dark colors, and vertical lines for a slimming effect. Shorter men: choose clothing with solid colors or vertical lines and consider adding a belt to your outfit, but avoid wearing shoes with buckles, which can make your legs look shorter.

Add Some Texture


Using different textures, materials, and patterns in your outfit is a great way to create a sense of depth and elegance in your outfit. Mixing different fabric textures is naturally appealing to the eye, in addition to being a useful way to disguise any worrisome aspects of your figure. Using prints and patterns is another way to take your clothing to another level, but you must know how to do it properly.

Make Yourself Comfortable

Make Yourself Comfortable

No matter how fashionable or flattering your clothes are, being comfortable and confident in your outfit is more important. If you are embarrassed, nervous, or worried about what you are wearing, your body language will reflect that. Enjoying the clothing that you wear will have a much more positive impact on how others perceive you than following the most current fashion trends will.

Clothing plays an important role in daily life, and how a person presents themselves to the world can have significant effects of professional and social interactions. By following the tips above, it is entirely possible for any person, regardless of body type, to choose clothing that will flatter them in any situation.

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