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Black to Safety

Black is slimming. It’s also classy, mysterious and sexy. Black is serious, confident, rebellious and all grown up. However, when wearing black, caution is mandatory.

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Choosing Quality Clothing: 7 Things to Check

There are so many reasons to buy better clothing. Well-made clothes last years instead of months, make you feel good about yourself, and save time and space.

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Fashion Tips for the Courtroom

However trendy or casual your personal style may be, when you attend the courtroom, special unwritten 'rules' apply. These tips may assist you in avoiding any courtroom faux-pas, whether that means lessening your comfort during the day or helping your chances of success.

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Men's Trends Summer 2017

If you are looking for 2017 summer fashion tips for menswear, you have definitely come to the right place.

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Presidential Fashion: Examples of the Influence

American presidents and their clothes are essential measures of legislative wisdom. Their influence on men's fashion varied from atrocious to timeless.

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Shoe Hacks

What you need are tips on what else to do to make sure the great shoes that you love--whether casual, dress, designer, or sports--last as long as they possibly can.

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Save Your Sweaters!

If your confidence in the pilling resistance of an expensive sweater turns out to be misplaced, it could well end up in your gardening or dog-walking wardrobe. Allow us to assist!

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Button It!

Why do men's buttons & women's buttons fasten on opposite sides? The quest for answers to this unimportant question.

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Tweeds: Tradition Reinvented for the Winter

Tweed is a traditional fabric that for centuries has been routinely favored for casual outerwear because of its warmth and durability. It has been much loved by the country classes, including Britain’s royal family.

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Iconic Men's Shoes

It's not something we often think about, as we head out the door and onto the street, but our favorite footwear often has a story to tell. The histories of these eight shoes and boots make them icons.

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Interview Dress Code: Accessories for Men

Job interviews require careful preparation; your interviewer will not only examine what you say, but how you present yourself. How do you stand out from the crowd yet still look professional?

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Refine Your Palette: Coordinating Clothing Colors

It plays out in clothing stores everywhere. A person finds a great item and then thinks, how in the world do I know what colors will look good with this? Matching clothing items by color is a basic fashion skill that lets you decide how you're going to coordinate what you buy.

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Flatter Up: Outfit Choices to Look Your Best

The right clothes can accentuate your best features, project confidence, and show off your unique sense of style. However, the opposite is also true: clothes that don't fit, or don't flatter your body type, can negatively impact self-confidence and how other people view you.

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Men's Trends: Fall 2016

Clothing is becoming looser and more elegant, and texture was king on the 2016 fall fashion show runways. These are the top trends that will define the most stylish men in the streets this autumn.

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The Beauty Of Monochrome

The combination of black and white in clothing makes a powerful statement, while still being appropriate for a number of occasions and environments. Wearing it is easy once you understand the basics.

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James Bond: The Man. The Legend. The Suit.

Since the early 1960’s, no one has been an icon like one man has. That man is; Bond, James Bond. 007 has been the undisputed perfect spy throughout film history, while also crossing into the fashion world as an example of class and vogue.

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Prints Charming: How to Wear Them

Unless you've got completely unshakeable self-confidence, chances are there's some item of clothing or style that you're hesitant to try out. But prints aren't that difficult to wear. Follow these easy tips to take your style to the next level.

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Vaping: The New Urban Fashion Statement

As the 2020's inch closer, we'll very likely continue to see people putting down the stogie and picking up the vape. For health reasons? Nahhh. Embracing the new urban fashion.

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Tie Tie Again: 13 Simple Knots

There’s the practical reason of using knots to complement your collar or jacket. And there’s the fun reason: to get fancy and show off what a Master of Menswear you are. Well whatever your reasons, you’re in the right place.

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Knot What You Thought: Why We Tie.

Neck Ties. These little accessories serve no discernible purpose, right? And frankly, if they weren’t so common place, they’d just seem like an open invitation for crazy people to strangle you. So what’s the deal?

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Matchmaker: Pairing Up Your Suits & Shoes

Having options is a good thing; an array of colors in your wardrobe ensures you’ll be able to dress appropriately for any occasion. But when it comes time to actually get dressed, the options for matching your suit and shoe colors might give way to confusion.

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Denim: From Cowboys to Couture

Denim jeans have been popular for almost 150 years, and owe their origins to France and Italy. Denim jeans were deeply popular in America in the late 1800’s with cowboys and miners, and have never really faded out of style.

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Shirt Cuffs 101

It can seem like an effortless and somewhat thoughtless process to easily look polished. However, dress shirts come in many forms and it can be tricky to determine when a shirt is too casual or too formal for an occasion. One of the deciding factors of this is the cuff style.

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A Brief History of Frieschskys

Time is one of the very few luxuries that is not for sale, and the good times are important to remember.  Frieschskys started out of our apartments several years ago. They were innocent times, and a hell of a lot of fun.

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15% or More

Did you ever identify with an article so much that the storyteller or author was able to pull all of the right strings? And before you knew it you were online either buying or selling? Next time you find yourself moved and are a few clicks away from a trade, remember classics are timeless.

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Don Draper: The Return of 60's Suave

In a lot of ways, this character helped to bring Men’s Fashion back to the front of people’s minds. It made suits cool for everyday wear again. That’s a testament to the simplicity of his style: Draper made looking good accessible again, to the common man.

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Just Don't: How Not to Dress Yourself

The things we don't do are often as important as the things we do, even if they don't get the same recognition. Ever been ticketed for public urination? No? Great job! Fashion no-noes aren't always so obvious... but sometimes they are. Either way, I'll give you a little of both.

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Flatter Yourself: Choose the Right Jacket for Your Body Type

There's more to looking good in your clothes than just hitting the gym or matching colors. The right blazer or sport coat can emphasize your best features, and minimize your worst. (We're not mannequins after all.) There's a style and fit for every body type--the trick is knowing what those are.

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Wool: Super 100’s vs Micron

When looking for a suit, one of the first things to select is the fabric. The most traditional and common is wool. Well that was easy… but what does all this super 100’s and Micron stuff mean? If you don’t know, you’re not alone. Understanding fabrics is the first step in becoming a true connoisseur of men’s bespoke suits.

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Keep Your Wardrobe Spotless: Easy Removal for Common Stains

Too many perfectly salvageable garments have been tossed away under the assumption that there was no hope of ever removing a stain from them. Don’t let your garments’ lives be cut short prematurely, when they could be revived using common household goods.

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Tom Brady: Dressing Like a Champion

In a sports world where athletes are increasingly defined as much by their off-the-field performances as by their on-field abilities, standing out in both arenas has become an elaborate balancing act between style and skill.  Shoulder pads and helmets will likely never be considered chic, but dressing like a champion demands more than just looking good in a uniform. 

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