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Kiton. Handcrafted suits.
Handcrafted prestige.

Each Kiton garment reflects the unity of purpose and tradition, prized in the company's home of Naples and new institute in Milan. The presiding principle of Kiton is that each component and each garment is necessarily handmade--from the buttons to the silk lining.

A Kiton suit is the product of a minimum of 25 hours of individual crafting, handed to a new specialized tailor at every step.

The quality of Kiton is rigorous and thorough, down to the fibers of the fabric. Materials come directly from Kiton's wool mills in Carlo Barbera, Italy, and are treated with manual artisan techniques to bear fabrics of a superior grade. Kiton is modelled on the virtues of creativity and the tradition of craftsmanship, from start to finish. Founder Ciro Paone has said "If I didn't already do this job, I would pay to do it." When you wear Kiton, you wear passion.