Welcome to Frieschskys!


Milwaukee is cold and unforgiving in the winter.

But just because it’s cold doesn’t mean your style should suffer.

As the home of Frieschskys, it makes sense that our first house brand would be winter and cold weather wear that would help our customers survive in the rugged and harsh winters of the north.

Country Club sweaters, hats, and scarves are handmade in Italy, and are exclusively sold by Frieschskys.  They are produced on the highest quality looms with the highest quality yarns, and are made in a variety of cutting edge hand finished Italian styles for the discerning sartorialist.

A number of techniques are used to ensure that Country Club clothing is of the utmost quality. Our materials are primarily Cashmere and Virgin Wool, hand washed and steamed to Ensure that sizing, style, color, and quality are consistent across a variety of pieces.

Country Club is produced in a state-of-the-art facility in the Teramo Province of Italy. The production facility is green and low impact making use of geothermal and solar energy, and therefore producing clothing that is stylish, warm, and sustainable in the environment. With Country Club, you know that what you’re wearing is not only stylish, but ethical and sustainable as well as lasting you a long lifetime.